Catherine & Peter Brock

Cy-brox has its origins back in the nineteen eighties when the magical pairing of Peter Brock and Catherine Mcpartlin joined forces to become formidable public house licensees in and around North London and the Home Counties. As the decade moved on changes to the traditional licensed trade of which we were both strong advocates moved, like most other industries into the hands of the large conglomerates, resulting in a service trade that failed to give the personal service that both Cathie and Peter felt was deserved to the paying public. Therefore other avenues of business were sought, where both partners could provide a quality service, with a personal touch that we feel, in this day and age is a rarity, but nonetheless an essential part of our strategy. Another mutual interest was soon discovered and it is now within the photographic industry Peter and Cathie believe they offer an unparalleled service at unbeatable prices in offering event photography, portrait shoots, family occasions and most importantly economy weddings. The latter offering a professional no frills wedding service at what can only be described as amateur prices. It is, as a family driven business, with no overheads that we are able to offer photographic services at a price larger concerns can only dream about.

How we perceive the world around us is dominated by our senses, sight, sound, taste and touch. Artists throughout the ages have battled to imitate these sensations with startling results, surfaces so real that you would swear you would feel the textures of stone or silk if you but touched the canvas, painted oceans so convincing you can hear the waters roar, wonderfully rendered banquet tables with lush fruits and exotic foods that make your mouth water. And all this done with paint and brushes. Cathie